General Questions

What is ON THREE 3?

ON THREE 3! is a premium brand of dietary supplements made in the USA. All ON THREE 3! products contain no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners to deliver the cleanest products.

Does the FDC regulate ON THREE?

Yes, the FDA regulates all dietary supplements and the facilities in which they are manufactured.

How do I get free shipping?

We offer free shipping for all orders over $50. You can also get free shipping with no minimum spend if you sign up for our monthly subscription.

Do you use artificial dyes for color and flavor in your products?

No, we use natural coloring and flavors ingredients.

Do all products contain caffeine?

Our ONTHREE INSTANT Enhancing Blend contains various amount of caffeine anhydrous. The exact amount is listed in the supplement fact panel of each product page.

Does any ONTHREE 3! product contain banned substances?

No, all ONTHREE 3! products are free of banned or illegal substances.

Are EBOOST products manufactured in the USA?

Yes. ONTHREE 3! products are manufactured across FL and GA.

Can I take EBOOST products if I am pregnant or nursing?

As with all supplements, any person pregnant, nursing, or taking medication should consult with their doctors before use.

How much caffeine is too much?

The FDA recommends to no exceed 400 mg of caffeine per day for healthy adults. Caffeine is not recommended for children.

About INSTANT Enhancing Blend

Can I take the INSTANT Enhancing Blend everyday?

Absolutely! It’s great for a quick boost of energy, focus, and mood enhancement everyday.

Can children drink the INSTANT ?

As INSTANT contains naturally occurring caffeine, we do not recommend children taking this product.

How long does it last?

INSTANT provides sustainable source of energy, focus and mood enhancement through a proprietary blends to supply the benefits for hours. Each individual has a different tolerance to these proprietary blends and can vary in length. Most people experience a lift in perceived benefits for 3-6 hrs.

Is the INSTANT safe for diabetics?

INSTANT does contain a few grams of cane sugar. Anyone with a health condition should check with a doctor before using the INSTANT or any other dietary supplements.

How many INSTANTs can I have in one day?

We recommend taking no more than 2 bottles daily, spread several hours apart.

When should I take this product?

For the best INSTANT experience, take it when you need a focus boost! Try it at your gaming competition, before a long drive, before a light exercise, for your studies, or even before your night out!

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